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Safe origin, high quality standards

Appropriate rearing in a natural environment, careful selection of suppliers by our experienced buyers worldwide, gentle processing in controlled operations and the high quality standards of our import company at all stages of the process guarantee our partners high-quality meat and maximum satisfaction.


Whether marbled Argentine beef from Argentina’s endless Pampas, grass-fed Irish Black Angus or the tenderest lamb from New Zealand’s lush green hills: We offer the best quality for the German meat market – and for your customers.


The best meat quality is achieved thanks to rearing and keeping in the open air with good air, clear water and lush forage grass. Gentle processing and suitable logistics with fast distribution channels and strict adherence to the refrigeration chain enable us to ensure a high standard and reliably supply meat of the finest quality.


MEAT 2000 works with a quality network of experienced buyers in the worldwide countries of origin of the meat specialities, long-standing forwarding partners and highly trained, market-savvy sales staff here in Germany. The result is the punctual delivery of first-rate, fresh premium meat from controlled origins to the German trade true to order.


MEAT 2000 is integrated into the quality management system of the heristo Group. heristo has a quality management system that has set standards in Germany. We implement the International Featured Standards (IFS). In addition, our understanding of quality also includes environmental requirements: We conserve resources and all our production sites are certified according to the latest standard for environmental management.
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SYSTEM MEAT 2000: What distinguishes us – what makes us different

1. Purchase on demand – no large stocks – this ensures a fast turnover of goods and always fresh goods with good minimum shelf life.
2.  We purchase only the best and established brands. This means we offer a high quality standard and thus have satisfied customers.
3. Fair prices calculated based on current purchases. Thus no exorbitant price fluctuations as is typical of strong demand on the market.
4. Consideration of customer requests when making purchases. Customer-specific packaging layouts and individual brands can be realised.
5. Anticipatory sales, even while the goods are on their way by sea.
6. Warehousing, picking and logistics from a single source. Thus always the best handling of our high-quality goods and a reliable logistics by our service provider.
7. Combined delivery of fresh and frozen goods through a two-chamber system with different climate zones in the vehicles.
8. MEAT 2000 also offers specialities such as bison meat or dry aged beef from Ireland.
9. Business philosophy is based on clarity, commitment and reliability.
10. Further product groups or product innovations can also be offered by embedding in a broadly positioned parent company.